This is our first post to More Than Travel! We’re glad that you’ve joined us for what promises to be an amazing adventure. Before we get started with posting, we wanted to fill you in on our whole mission and some of the people that will make it happen. Click through after the jump to learn about us!

Our Mission

More Than Travel is a blog all about traveling and adventures. This blog isn’t about the booking or the miles involved in securing a trip. Our friends at One Mile at a Time and The Points Guy have that part covered. More Than Travel picks up from the second that you check in at your first airport. Many people consider air travel to be just “another way to get from point A to point B,” but at More Than Travel we think differently. For founder Taylor Michie, the journey is just as important as the destination. “The thrill of being in an airport, boarding a plane, and waking up after eight hours of flying halfway across the world is something I just can’t get enough of,” Michie says. “It’s an incredible feeling.”

Our mission is to share our adventures with you, and help you discover places that you may have never dreamed of traveling to.


Our tagline is what we profess on our website as sort of an “abbreviated” mission statement.

More Than Travel is a blog dedicated to those who get out and travel simply for the fun of it. These adventurers differentiate themselves from the rest of the traveling public by doing things that commoners would consider crazy – getting to an airport more than two hours early; selecting a flight based on plane type, not duration or price; and generally enjoying the feeling of being in transit in a foreign country.

What We Do

More Than Travel is all about reporting adventures. Our main focus is telling others about our travel experiences. Trip reports are the best way to do that. We’ll share multi-part, multimedia trip reports with you, that document air travel to hotels to sightseeing to everything in between. We share every part of an experience.

We’re still growing, and our focus may change course. Stick around and you’ll see what More Than Travel can really be.

More Than Travel Elites

Our authors are passionate travelers themselves. Click on over to our About page to learn about our authors and read their bios. Currently, our travel elites are:

  • Taylor Michie, founder
  • Karlene Petitt, contributor
You’ll be hearing more about each of them and what they do later, but for now it’s important that you know that it’s all about the adventure and the passion of travel!
Welcome aboard!