Taylor with Ken Read, CEO of PUMA Ocean Racing, and il Mostro crewmember Rob Salthouse.

Fifteen year-old Taylor Michie has always had the travel bug. His parents, an American Airlines million-miler and an American Airlines Special Services rep, have always loved travel as well, so it’s no surprise that commercial aviation has been a part of Taylor since birth. At fifteen, Taylor has already done his fair share of traveling. This summer, Taylor got the first stamp in his passport in Belgium, then in Morocco, and he concluded a month of travel with a visit to Spain. Taylor’s love for travel can best be summed up in his traveling this past June; ten flights in thirty days, four trans-Atlantic crossings, four flights between Baltimore and New York City, and even two flights on the infamous Irish airline Ryanair. After spending a week in Spain at Pueblo Ingles, a highly acclaimed summer experience in Aldeaduero, Spain, the travel bug has bitten Taylor more than ever. Look for him transiting at a major airport near you!


Favorite European city (that I’ve been to): Brussels, Belgium

Most beautiful airport (that I’ve been to): Madrid-Barajas (MAD)

Best travel experience (that I’ve had so far): Being a guest at a traditional Moroccan wedding