About Us

Experience More than Travel

More Than Travel is the brainchild of Racing Winds Media founder Taylor Michie. Racing Winds, launched in 2009, was lauded by sailors everywhere for professionalism, speed, and accuracy when reporting sailing news. More Than Travel is Taylor’s latest adventure to satisfy his thirst for travel.
More Than Travel aims to be a place for adventure-seekers to go in order to read about excellent destinations, airlines, and all other components of a trip that make it memorable. More than Travel is about crazy adventures and trips from one side of the world to the other. At More Than Travel, we embrace every aspect of travel. That dangerous bus ride in India, the overpriced taxi ride in Brussels; they’re all part of travel and they’re all part of the experience.

In the opinion of More Than Travel, travel should be raw and real; not rarified and refined. If you agree, then line up for boarding, so that you can take your seat on our adventure.

Our Frequent Fliers

Taylor Michie, Founder
At just fifteen years old, Taylor Michie has already set foot on three of Earth’s seven continents, and he’s just getting started. As the author of sailing novel Racing Winds, and freelance journalist for the Volvo Ocean Race, Taylor’s explored the east coast of the United States, everywhere from Maine to Florida, and out west to California and beyond. After finally receiving his first passport just two months ago, Taylor immediately put it to work, visiting Morocco and Belgium before returning home to the United States. After a week of jetlag recovery, Taylor was back at 39,000 feet, heading to Spain to visit the Volvo Ocean Race headquarters in Alicante, and to teach English culture to Spaniards in Salamanca. Growing up with an American Airlines Special Services rep and an American Airlines million-miler as parents, the passion for travel was instilled in Taylor from a young age, and now that he’s finally had a taste of international travel, Taylor’s parents will have to work double time to keep him grounded, so to speak. When actually on solid ground, Taylor lives in Annapolis, Maryland, and you can find him sailing 420s on the Chesapeake Bay, planning his next round-the-world jaunt, or managing his sailing organization, Racing Winds Media. Visit his website at www.racingwinds.com, or check out his travel blog, More Than Travel.


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